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Peaceful Life is RIGHT for all – Be it Animals too !!!

Friends, today in Mumbai, India we have observed more than 1 month of Lockdown due to the Covid 19 pandemic worldwide and still counting.

Due to this lockdown, we have no construction sites going on, no traffic, reduced noise pollution and this has enhanced the beauty of the nature around us. We all can now hear the koyal bird singing, along with the chirping of many other birds.

Friends Noise is a physical stressors on animals too that can lead to behavioral, physiological, and anatomical responses. Hearing loss and rapid increase in heart rate are some of the ill-effects of noise pollution on animals. High intensity sound induces fear, which can force species to abandon their habitats. Noise/sound pollution also impacts the health and well-being of wildlife. Studies have shown that loud noises cause caterpillars’ hearts to beat faster and bluebirds to have fewer chicks. Animals use sound for a variety of reasons, including to navigate, find food, attract mates, and avoid predators. Noise pollution makes it difficult for them to accomplish these tasks, which affects their ability to survive.

So this gets me back today with one more blog where the topic still continues of noise/sound pollution. In my earlier blog we read on the ill effects of extensive noise pollution on human life and how the solution of a Noise barrier/Sound barrier, helped curbing the growing issues.

And now let me share with you all one more case study of the very famous Kankaria Garden, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. This is huge circular garden with beautiful lake, with various amenities like water sports, jogging track, entertainment/amusement park, food court and a very famous Zoo. It has heavy pedestrian & vehicle traffic. This gigantic park is right in the heart of the Ahmedabad city, & is surrounded by housing colonies & commercial spaces. The authorities were hence quite concerned as the impact of the noise due to heavy traffic in the area was affecting the peace of all the animals in the zoo, and it has also been observed that the animals were a bit disturbed by all this.

This time again Technocrats stepped in, studied the whole situation from various angles and came up with the apt solution by installing the Noise/Sound barriers in a most scientific manner so as to reduce the noise levels drastically. We were able to successfully complete the project in given stipulated time frame. While executing the project also we take utmost care not to disturb the animals in any way.

Today team TECHNOCRATS is extremely happy and feel so proud that we could bring back the peace and tranquility to the zoo so that the animals can live in most natural environment. (Of course animals can express how they feel only by their actions and gestures and not by the words) This doesn’t only give peace to the life of animals but it also adds significantly to the whole ecosystem to grow stronger.


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