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“The Real Education is our Perseverance, Attitude & Behavior…It defines our Entire Person

Hello friends, by now you have seen certain videos of my work products, various installations, my regime and hobbies. Today in my this blog I`ll want to talk on education since already the 10th Exams have started, I first have a message for all the parents, As even I have been a parent to two children, I request to all the parents not to pressurize on the grades, marks percentages on your child, these are all just numbers and figures, these grades do not teach reality to children, we have had great examples of people like Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein and the list goes on, who have been not so good in certain subjects but have excelled in their lives. And each and every child is very special and unique, and have a peculiar inbuilt or inborn capability and abilities better than others. It’s important for every parent to first try and understand their child’s interest and help them develop in that area. Give your support system to your child by various means like keeping some food or snacks always in the kitchen, when I use to get up for studying at 4 AM in the morning I had to hunt first for some food, so all parents can show their care and love in small such forms, not by perusing for high marks, but a positive assurance that he or she is an excellent child.

For the students with my own experience, I will say that you should surely know about various subjects, but if you excel in one, success will surely follow you. Be master of one Subject/Hobby/Art/Sports could be even inventing small little things at home, try to seek within yourself and know what you want to do, but once u select and decide do not just complete it but excel in same. Your perseverance, your hard and smart work, your focus and your concentration on that will get you results. Be it cricket/Boxing/Swimming/academics or anything..your duty at this age is to give your 100%, and results will follow, and there is always a next chance. Never discuss your exam papers after you have given them at the examination hall, there is nothing that can be undone on the paper submitted, this could only create stress and distraction for the next exam.

I would also like to write today for students of the 9th grade who have the entire 365 days with them to reach to this day of their 10th. This is just that 1 year which you need to focus, concentrate on to then further make your path in further career. I`ll again say the same thing. Pick a passion and just follow your dreams…do not let any obstacle come your way!!!

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