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A complete docking bay includes the Dock Leveller, Sectional Overhead Door & the Inflatable Dock Shelter, with this, we also install Air Curtains here thereby providing a complete Docking Bay Solution.

Infaltable Dock Shelter.jpg

Docking Bay

Docking Bays are installed to make the loading-unloading process quick and neat also with physical manpower being a challenge these days these Docking Bays would be a boon to companies like Pharma/Auto/Logistics/ etc. 


Flap Dock Shelter.jpg

Types Of Dock Levelers

Telescopic & Normal Dock Leveller

In a docking bay, one problem to overcome is the problem of bridging the gap between a truck and the dock or warehouse floor. Not all trucks are the same height, and the height of the trailer floor within a truck can vary according to how heavily the truck is laden. Thus there is not only a gap to bridge but a height difference to overcome.

Dock leveller 1.jpg

Docking Bay Accessories

Dock Bumpers.jpg
Wheel Chock.jpg
Steel Spring Bumpers.jpg
Wheel Guides 1.jpg
Fix bollard for bays.jpg

Steel Spring Bumper Range, Guiding Rollers, Fix Bollards, Locking Arrangement for Trucks

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