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Gate Automation

We present Automatic Gates Systems that can be obtained in all forms. These products are all supplied and installed to the highest standards and in accordance with clients' specifications. At Technocrats, we provide a wide range of gates with an aesthetic match for any architectural style. Our gates are recognized for high degree of security in fencing and are available in wide range of finishes and styles that will compliment your places. They can be custom-designed to match the client's specific requirements. These gates are manufactured with high-quality raw material and come at competitive rates in the market. Our gates are well-known for the high level of craftsmanship and reliable engineering. Please browse through our extensive range of swing gates with bespoke finish and designs, today!

Above are the video`s of Telescopic Sliding Gates, basically, allow twice the opening width into half the space. For example, if you had a four-metre opening but only two and a half metres of run-off area with a standard sliding gate there is simply no way to install in this area. The functioning of this gate is very simple. Only one automatic operator is needed to move the back gate and the front gate. The front gate moves at a much faster speed than the back gate and can close and open in half of the time

We are engaged in offering an array of Sliding Gates which are manufactured using high-grade raw material by our vendors. These products have excellent aesthetic innovation and guard solidity which ensures great performance. Our product range is precisely developed in varied sizes and lengths as per the requirements of our clients. Complying with international standards, these products are capable of withstanding rough handling and harsh weather conditions.We are providing gates weighting from 350 kg up to 3500kg.

Swing gates are one of the widely used gate-products in industrial, residential and commercial premises. They are a suitable alternative where sliding space is not available for the gates. These gates are designed with square or rectangular pipes mainly and could be fabricated as per your standard or client-specific designs. You can automate the swing gates as well; however, factors like width and height need to be taken into consideration while automating the process.

Boom Barriers

A boom barrier, also known as a boom gate, is a bar, or pole pivoted to allow the boom to block vehicular or pedestrian access through a controlled point. Typically the tip of a boom gate rises in a vertical arc to a near-vertical position. Boom gates are often counterweighted, so the pole is easily tipped. It provides security at entry and exit levels. At Technocrats, we have installed different types of Boom Barriers at different areas and various purposes. Which you can have a look below  

At Technocrats we take care of complete After Sales Service of all our sites, We have a highly trained team of technicians guided by our well-qualified engineers to fulfil all the service requirements of our clients around the clock.

Technocrats installed Automatic Boom Barriers with RFID readers for both types of vehicles, Four wheelers and Two-wheelers. This can be customized as per the needs of the society. This also maintains a record of daily vehicles with its in and out timing and number plate information. along with records of guest vehicles.

Technocrats Automatic Telescopic Boom Barrier for places with less lentil height - these barriers can be installed at all places where the client do not have space to open the complete barrier but since these barriers are telescopic they are the ideal solution for such places, with normal boom barriers these too are the ideal solution for basements and parking areas.

Door Automation

Technocrats Excel in Door Automation because of its Years of Experiences in deploying flawless mechanisms in Automation.  

Range of Rimless Glass Sliding Doors, Glass Doors with Frame, Glass Sliding Doors for balconies or to be used as partitions are also few of our forte.  

Heavy-duty automatic sliding doors these doors are bi-parting doors that can sustain bigger opening and greater heights, to maintain safety here the fabrication of the door is done in puff panels which is sturdy safe and aesthetically enhancing these doors are recommended at places where width and height both are of bigger sizes ...used in Manufacturing units, Pharmaceutical Companies .. so when you think of Automation think of Technocrats we have the solution to all your automation requirement. take care, stay safe, stay protected !!

Glazed door or in easy terms garage doors with enchanting looks and aesthetically very pleasing. These doors can be installed at garages and make up for the extra beautification of your villas, bungalows, or society garages. Easy to use, works on a remote or a push-button, can have multiple remotes for the complete family. The glazed material gives the see-through look. Conventional rolling shutters in the garage can be replaced with these beautiful Technocrats Automatic Garage Doors so when you think you need a beautiful makeover for your garage here it is.

High Security Entrance

It is now mandatory to Have Heavy-Duty Security Bollards and Tyre Killers at High-Security Zones. 

We at Technocrats have been very fortunate in Supplying, Installing & Maintaining these products at Defence Areas, Mass Public Movement Areas, Areas where Heavy Security Systems are required.  

Tyre Killers help in bursting the tyres of the heaviest Vehicles also. No vehicle can surpass these tyre killers and their movement can be immediately restricted.  

Crash Rated Bollards

Supply & Installation of Crash Rated Bollards

Technocrats installed Boom Barrier with Tyre Killers, for high safety & security zones.

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